Can I set custom Commission Rates?

You can, indeed! We have written instructions on how to create unique rates for particular affiliates.

1. Setting Referral Rates

The affiliate’s earnings on each sale they bring in for the store are based on the referral rate.

For instance, if an affiliate generates a sale of PHP 1000, their referral fee will be a portion of that.

Affiliates will receive PHP200 on a PHP1000 order if the referral rate is 20%.
You can set here the referral rates, go to Affiliate > Settings > Lifetime Commissions > and locate Lifetime Referral Rates

If you wish to set a custom rate for a specific affiliate, again search for the affiliate by name or ID, and click on their name:

2. Setting Lifetime Referrals Rates

With the help of this feature, you can alter the lifetime referral rate at which affiliates will be paid for linked customers’ subsequent purchases. The lifetime referral rate for each affiliate can be either higher or lower than the overall referral rate.

You can easily adjust the rates by specifying a new rate type (percentage or flat amount) in addition to the actual lifetime referral rate. The number of days a customer is connected to an affiliate for lifetime commission referrals can also have a lifetime length limit set.

Enabling lifetime referral rate and length settings

  • Go to Affiliates » Settings » Lifetime Commissions
  • Locate and click the Enable Lifetime Referral Rates checkbox.

The Lifetime Referral Rate input field will be automatically set to the Referral Rate set under Settings » General, the Lifetime Referral Rate Type dropdown list field will be set to Site Default, and the Lifetime Length input field will be set to 0.

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