Elementor Integration with Fluent CRM

Integrating Elementor with FluentCRM allows you to combine the power of Elementor’s visual website-building capabilities with FluentCRM’s email marketing and automation features. By integrating these two tools, you can capture leads through your Elementor-designed forms and seamlessly manage and engage with them using FluentCRM.

Here’s a general guide on how to achieve this integration:

#1 At first, go to your dashboard & click Pages. Then click on Add New Page to create your Page. 

#2 In this example, the post is named ‘Sample Page’. Then you have to click the Edit with Elementor button, which will take you to the Elementor page editor.

#3 Now, let’s create a simple form using Elementor’s Form widget. The form used in this tutorial has a First Name, Last Name, and email field for demonstration purposes. You can edit the fields by clicking the Form Fields in the upper left section.

#4 Then, scroll down to the Actions after Submit option and click on it. Here you will find an option to Add Actions. You can add actions that will be performed after a user submits a form. After clicking this, select the Fluent CRM option from the dropdown menu.

#5 After that, you will find a Fluent CRM option below Actions After Submit. This is where you can map the CRM fields according to your form fields. Here First Name, Last Name, and Email fields will be mapped into the form.

#6 You can also turn on the Add Only option when you want to add new contacts. You don’t need to update your existing contacts.

#7 Turn on the Double Opt-in option if you want to send double opt-in emails for new or pending contacts. If you don’t enable this, then the contact will be added as a subscribed state. Lastly, just click the Update button to save your settings.

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