How to add a custom role on Negosyo Toolkit

To add a custom role in Negosyo Toolkit, you can follow these steps:

1. Within the user role settings, you’ll typically see a list of existing roles in the Negosyo Toolkit, such as Administrator, Subscriber, Customer, etc. Look for an option “Add new role” and click on it.

This will allow you to define the settings and capabilities for the custom role you want to create

2. Each user role has specific capabilities and permissions assigned to it. Also, it can help you to lead the customer to where the role is assigned after registering.
Just like the example below.

In the role editor interface, you can usually select or deselect individual capabilities to grant or restrict access to the custom role.

*Customize the capabilities according to the specific needs and restrictions you want to apply to the custom role. *

3. Once you have defined the capabilities and settings for the custom role, save the changes or click “Create Role”. Role Priority is optional. Plugin will then create the custom role and make it available for use.

4. After creating the custom role, you can assign it to individual users. You can do this by editing a user’s profile in the Negosyo Toolkit dashboard (Membership > All users), selecting the target customer then changing the custom role from the available role options.

5. For testing the custom role:
Log in with a user account assigned the custom role and verify that the assigned capabilities and permissions function as expected

*Test the user’s access to different areas of the Negosyo dashboard and any specific actions associated with the custom role.*

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