Live Chat Setup: A Simple Guide for Your Toolkit

To add a live chat feature to your Negosyo Toolkit website using a snippet code, you can follow these steps:

1. Choose a Live Chat Service Provider, and select a live chat service provider that offers a snippet code installation option. Some popular providers that offer snippet codes include, Crisp, or Brevo (my recommendation). Sign up for an account with your chosen provider.

2. Once you have signed up with the live chat service provider, locate the option to generate the snippet code. In most cases, you’ll find this option in the “Conversations” section of your account.

3. Follow the instructions provided to generate the snippet code specific to your website.

4. After generating the snippet code, copy it to your clipboard. The code is usually a JavaScript code snippet.

5. Log in to your toolkit and navigate to “Page Builder” > “Custom Code.”

6. Click “Add New

On the Location tag within the editor, choose “</body> – End“. This designates the footer section for your code placement. Proceed to paste the live chat snippet code into this designated area.

Save the changes or click on the “Publish” button to make the modifications live on your website.

7. Test the Live Chat.

  • Open your website in a new browser window or tab.
  • You should now see the live chat widget on your website.
  • Initiate a test chat to ensure it reaches your live chat service provider’s dashboard.
  • Respond to the test chat from the live chat service provider’s dashboard to ensure the communication works both ways.

That’s it! Using the snippet code, the live chat feature should now be added to your Toolkit. Visitors will be able to use the live chat widget to communicate with you in real-time. Make sure to monitor the live chat service provider’s dashboard and respond promptly to any incoming chats.

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