How To Add Order Bumps To Sales Funnel?

You can use an order bump feature to show an extra product on your checkout form. In general, 10–30% of your customers increase their orders after making a purchase. Consequently, it is a fantastic way to raise your average transaction value.

From the Negosyo Toolkit dashboard, edit a Flow from Funnels > Flows.

Get into the settings of the Checkout Page by clicking on Edit.

In the Checkout Layout section, go to the “Order Bumps” option and click Edit.

The configuration options for the order bump will display.

1. In the “Design” section, you can customize the following features:

Bump Order Skin – You have a choice of Five (5) Styles for your bump order skin. The first two styles are shown below.

Bump Order Position – This is where you want to put your order bump.

It can either be Before Checkout, After Customer Details, After Order, or After Payment.

Bump Order Style – By adjusting the options offered in the Bump Order Style, you can alter the appearance and feel of your bump order. These consist of:

  • Border Style
  • Border Color
  • Background Color
  • Label Color
  • Label Background Color
  • Description Text Color
  • Highlight Text Color
2. For the “Content” section, here are the features you can edit.

Product Image – You can select an image of the product to attract your customers.

Checkbox Label – Customize the label of the checkbox or leave it as it is.

Highlight Text – This is the title of your order bump. It could be a message with a sense of urgency to get your customers to take action.

Product Description – This is where you can add the details of your order bump product.

By configuring these settings, you can create an attractive and persuasive order bump to increase the average transaction value and enhance your sales funnel.

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