How To Connect Multiple Domains?

Connecting multiple domains to a Negosyo Toolkit can be done using this method.
In this guide, we’ll teach the process of connecting various funnels, content, and pages within your Negosyo Toolkit account through domain mapping.

Here is a general step-by-step guide on how to connect multiple domains to a Negosyo Toolkit site:

1. Navigate to the website “Settings > Multidomain” section.

There’s no strict limit on how many connections you can make, but your account can handle a maximum of up to 15 domains.

Next, let’s define your domain and the source page.

Questions: Where can you get your domain, and which platform should you use to register it?
— The answer lies in purchasing your new domain.

I highly recommend Namecheap. Follow this to independently purchase your domain.

Once you’ve successfully purchased your new domain, the next step involves updating the DNS server.

Follow these straightforward instructions:
1. Click on “Manage.”

2. Under the “nameservers” section, select “Custom DNS” and then copy and paste the provided DNS codes:

3. Afterward, click “SAVE or the (✔️) on the right side.”

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to immediately map the newly purchased domain. This is because it takes some time to populate on the server.”

To expedite this process, I recommend getting in touch with Negosyo Toolkit Chat Support.

Reach out directly via “Online Chat” for a speedy response and provide the following information:

Request for Domain Mapping
Purchased domain:
Full name and your Domain:

Once the support team confirms the successful integration of your newly purchased domain, return to the Multidomain Settings. Add your recently purchased domain, specify your desired source page, and then click “SAVE MAPPINGS.”

As a result, whenever a customer visits your new domain, the content from the specified source page will be prominently displayed.

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