How to Create a Custom Affiliate Registration Form in the Toolkit

It’s surprisingly easy to set up an affiliate marketing program and create an affiliate form.

The Negosyo Toolkit affiliate plugin will automatically create an Affiliate Area page, which serves as your affiliate signup when you launch your affiliate program. Additionally, it will serve as the login page for affiliates’ accounts.

To access this “Affiliate Area“, log in to your Negosyo Toolkit Account.

1. Go to Publish > All pages > Affiliate Area > EDIT.

To change your Affiliate Area page, simply go to your Affiliate settings and choose a page from the dropdown menu in the Affiliate Area tab.

This gives you complete control over your affiliate signup page.

2. To Your Signup Page, Add the Affiliate Registration Block.

If you’ve chosen to use the Affiliate Area template page, then it will already have an affiliate registration form on it.
Simply search “Affiliate” and then the blocks will be available.

3. Form Fields: Add, Rename, Reorder, and Delete

• Add fields by selecting a block with the Add Block button.

• To rename a field, click on the text and type a new name for it.

• Drag fields into the desired position to reorder them.

• You can remove fields by selecting Remove Name from the Options menu.

4. Edit the Register Button

The Register button needs to be edited as the last step. To do this, just highlight the text and click Edit.

Select the call to action that will have the biggest impact to increase conversion rates.

*Now that your application form is finished, it ought to better represent your company, draw in quality affiliates, and provide protection against fraud.*

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