How to Create An Online Order Payment Form In Negosyo Toolkit – PayPal Payments

Follow these steps:

1.. Go to Form Builder > Global Settings, and “Enable Fluent Forms Payment Method

2. . In the General section, enable the Status, provide some information on the business name, address, and logo, then click SAVE SETTINGS.

3. In the next section, let’s enable the “Paypal” payment method.
* Enable(check) the Status.
* Choose Sandbox Mode.
* Input your Email Address.


4. Now, click “All Forms” in your Negosyo Toolkit dashboard and select “Add New” to create a new form. Give your form a title, and you’ll be directed to the form builder interface.

5. Use the form builder to add the necessary fields for the order form, such as product or service selection, quantity, price, and total amount. To achieve this, you can use field types like Dropdown, Number, or Calculation fields. Customize the field labels and options according to your requirements.

or, if you want a simple yet direct payment method, search a “Payment” field in the left panel of available form fields.

Drag and drop the “Payment” field to your form builder canvas.

6. After adding the payment field, you’ll see various configuration options for the payment field in the right panel. You can click each field and customize the payment field settings in “Input Customization” based on your requirements.

7. Access the form settings to define submission behavior, validation rules, styling options, and any additional settings you require.

Save and preview it to ensure the form appears correctly.

8. Once you’ve completed the form setup, save your changes. Copy the shortcode provided by Fluent Forms for your form.

9. Create a new page or open an existing one where you want to display the form. Paste the shortcode into the page content area.

By following these steps, users will be able to submit the form and proceed to PayPal for payment processing.

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