How to Customize “Social Previews”

How to Customize “Meta Snippets” and “Social Previews” in Negosyo Toolkit?

Certainly, here are the instructions presented step by step:

1. Log in to your Toolkit dashboard.

2. Go to the Pages tab and navigate to the post or page for which you want to set a featured image for social previews.

3. Look for the “Featured Image” settings in the post or page editor. This is typically found in the right-hand column under a section labeled “Featured Image” or “Post Thumbnail.”

5. Click on the “Set Featured Image” button. This will open the media library or allow you to upload a new image. Choose an image that you want to represent the post or page when shared on social media.

6. It’s advisable to use an image with dimensions that are suitable for social media.

NOTE: Use WebP for uploading images to optimize website performance, improve user experience, and gain potential SEO benefits.

After selecting the featured image, click the “Update” or “Publish” button to save your changes. This associates the chosen image as the featured image for the post or page.

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