How To Delayed Button or Any Element on Page?

Negosyo Toolkit Elementor Pro does not have a built-in feature to directly time delay elements without using custom CSS or third-party add-ons. However, you can achieve a time delay effect without writing CSS code by using the “Entrance Animation” feature available in Elementor Pro.
Follow these steps:

1. Create a new page or edit an existing page using Elementor.

2. Click on the element to select it. (Example below is BUTTON element)

On the left panel, go to the Advanced tab > Select Motion Effects and you should see an option called “Entrance Animation” under the Motion Effects section.

3. In the “Entrance Animation” option, you can select an animation effect from the available presets. These presets include various animations like Fade In, Slide Up, Zoom In, etc. (Choice selected is Fade In animation)

4. After selecting the animation effect, you’ll see an input field for “Animation Delay” in milliseconds. Enter the time you want to delay the appearance of the element. For example, if you want to delay it by 6 seconds, enter “6000” (without quotes) since 1 second is equal to 1000 milliseconds.

5. Update the changes in Elementor and publish the page. Now, the element you added with the specified animation will appear with the desired delay.

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