How To Embed A Checkout Form on the CartFlows Checkout Page?

To embed a checkout form on the CartFlows Checkout page, you need to follow these steps:

First, [cartflows-checkout] is the shortcode for CartFlows. Thanks to this shortcode, the checkout fields will be visible on the checkout page so that users can add their Billing & Shipping information and Checkout to buy any product.

You can either directly add this shortcode to the content area of the page or use your page builder to copy it from the backend settings of CartFlows’ checkout page under the shortcode tab and paste it into the checkout page.

The checkout shortcode can then be inserted anywhere on the page during the checkout step.

However, the CartFlows checkout page should be the only place this shortcode is pasted. It will not function and possibly produce error messages if you add it to any other pages. The message “Checkout ID not Found (Place the Checkout ID in the Correct place)” will appear if you add the CartFlows checkout shortcode to any other page.

You can further customize the checkout page and flow settings, such as shipping options, payment gateways, order bump offers, and more. Configure these settings as per your requirements.

Once you have finished customizing your CartFlows checkout page, save your changes and publish the flow.

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