How to embed videos from Vimeo in Negosyo Toolkit

To embed videos from Vimeo in Negosyo Toolkit, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Vimeo video you want to embed, in your web browser.
2. Locate the video player on the Vimeo page.
3. Customize the video settings based on your preferences. You can choose the video size, playback options, and other settings.
4. Click on the “Embed” tab. Typically, it is located on the right side of the Vimeo Dashboard and Copy the entire embed code provided by Vimeo.

5. Now, log in to your Negosyo Toolkit dashboard.
6. Create a new post or edit an existing page where you want to embed the video.
 “Edit Section” > “Style” and under Background Type choose the Video section.

7. On the Video link, paste the embed code.
8. Save or update the post.
9. Preview or publish the post to see the Vimeo video embedded in your Negosyo Toolkit website.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully embed a Vimeo video in your Negosyo Toolkit website or blog post.

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