How to Import or Add Flows in Negosyo Toolkit?

To Add or Import flows, follow these steps:

1.. Go to “Funnels” > “Flows” in your Negosyo Toolkit admin dashboard. Click on the “Add New” button to create a new flow for your sales funnel.

2. In the flow setup screen, CartFlows provides you with pre-built templates you can choose from and then click “Import Flow“.

You can select a template that closely matches your desired sales funnel or click on the “Import a Flow” button to import a funnel from a template file.

3. If you import a funnel, click the “Import a Flow” button. You’ll be prompted to upload a funnel template file, usually in a .json format. Obtain the funnel template file from a pre-made template library or another source where funnel templates are shared.

4. After importing the funnel template, you’ll be redirected to the flow editor. Here, you can configure each step of your sales funnel, such as the landing page, checkout page, upsells, down sells, and thank-you page. Customize each step’s content, design, and settings to align with your specific sales funnel goals.

5. To enable transactions and lead capture, integrate your preferred payment gateway and email marketing service. This allows you to process payments and capture customer information seamlessly.

6. Before making your sales funnel live, thoroughly test each step to ensure everything works correctly. Check the flow, links, forms, payment processing, and email integrations. Make any necessary adjustments, and once you’re satisfied, publish the sales funnel on your WordPress site.

CartFlows provides a user-friendly interface and documentation to guide you through the process of creating and importing sales funnels.

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