How to require the user to progress through the course?

To require users to progress through a course using the “Course Navigation Settings”, you can follow these steps:

1. In your Negosyo Toolkit admin area, go to “LMS” -> “Courses” and click “Add New” to create a new course.
Provide a title, description, and any other relevant information for your course.

2. After providing information, click on the “Builder” tab and click “Add New Lesson” to create a new lesson for the course.
Provide a title, content, and any media or resources for the lesson. Repeat this step for each lesson you want to include in the course.

3. In the course editor, under the “Course Builder” section, you’ll see the lessons you created. Drag and drop the lessons to arrange them in the desired sequence. Ensure that the lessons are in the order you want the users to progress through them.

4. And now, to set the Progression Type, click “Settings” and choose the desired progression type for your course. Negosyo Toolkit offers two options:

A. Linear: With this option, users must complete each lesson and topic in sequential order before moving to the next one.
They cannot skip ahead or jump back.

B. Free Form: This option allows users to navigate the course freely, without any enforced sequential order. They can access any lesson or topic at any time.

5. You can customize the navigation buttons displayed to users within a lesson or topic. You can choose to show or hide the “Next Lesson,“Previous Lesson,” or “Mark Complete” buttons.

7. After configuring the Course Navigation Settings according to your requirements, click the “Save” button to apply the changes to the course.

By enabling and configuring the Course Navigation Settings, you can control how users progress through the course. Whether you want a LINEAR PROGRESSION or FREE FORM access, Negosyo Toolkit provides the flexibility to tailor the course experience to your needs.

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