How to set up coupon codes on Negosyo Toolkit?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up coupon codes:

1. Navigate to E-commerce > Coupons in your Negosyo Toolkit dashboard. Click on the “Create your first coupon” button.

2. . In the coupon creation screen, you’ll see various fields to fill in:

  • Coupon code: Enter a unique code that customers can enter during checkout to apply the discount.
  • Discount type: Choose whether the coupon provides a percentage discount, a fixed cart discount, or a fixed product discount.
  • Coupon amount: Enter the amount or percentage of the discount.
  • Coupon Expiry Date: Specify an expiration date for the coupon if desired.
  • Affiliate Discount

3. There are additional options you can configure for your coupon, such as applying the discount to specific products or product categories, allowing free shipping, or excluding sale items. Explore these options to customize your coupon further.

4. . Once you’ve entered all the necessary details, click on the “Publish” or “Save” button to create the coupon.

5. Make sure to inform your customers about the coupon code and its benefits. You can mention it on your website, in marketing campaigns, or on social media.

*Customers can then apply the coupon code during the checkout process on your website to receive the discount associated with the coupon.*

You can create multiple coupons with different codes, discounts, and restrictions to offer various promotions to your customers. Monitor the usage and effectiveness of your coupons to evaluate their impact on your sales and marketing efforts.

Remember to regularly review and update your coupon codes as needed, and test them to ensure they are functioning correctly on your website.

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