How to set up Shipping Fees

To set up shipping fees in Negosyo Toolkit, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Negosyo Toolkit account.

2. Go to eCommerce -> Settings and navigate to the “Shipping” tab. Here, you can configure general settings like your store’s origin address and the units of weight and dimensions.

3. Under the “Shipping” tab, click “Add shipping zone“. This enables the shipping features in eCommerce.

4. Shipping zones allow you to define specific regions where you will ship your products. By default, In Negosyo Toolkit, this includes a “Rest of the World” zone.

5. You can set up different shipping methods within each shipping zone. Negosyo Toolkit provides various options, including flat rates, free shipping, local pickup, and more. To add a shipping method, click on the “+ Add shipping method” button within a shipping zone and select the desired option.

6. Once you have added a shipping method, you can configure its specific settings. For example, if you choose the flat rate method, you can set the cost, tax status, and any additional charges. Adjust these settings according to your shipping requirements.

7. Next is to click on the Shipping Options, in this tab, you have these options available,
The first option is the Calculations, by default, it enables the shipping calculator on the cart page. But I suggest clicking the second one, which means, that shipping costs will be available until the customers will enter their addresses. Then let the rest as it is.

8. After configuring your shipping zones and methods, click the “Save changes” button to apply the settings.

9. It’s crucial to test your shipping options to ensure they are functioning as intended. Add products to your cart, proceed to the checkout, and enter different shipping addresses to see if the correct shipping methods and costs are displayed.

*Remember to regularly review and update your shipping settings as your business needs evolve.*

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