How to set up your Affiliate “Lifetime Commissions” settings

Using the Lifetime Commissions, a customer is permanently connected to an affiliate! This makes it possible for the linked affiliate to get a commission on each subsequent purchase made by the customer.

Any affiliate looking to promote your goods and services will find lifetime commissions to be a very strong incentive. Your sales will increase significantly as a result of your affiliates working harder to connect with customers.

Follow these steps on how to configure the Lifetime Commissions for Affiliates.

1. Log in to your account, click Affiliate > Settings, and go to “Lifetime Commissions

You can set up lifetime commissions in a few different ways because their main purpose is to give you more flexibility.

You have the option of making them accessible to all of your affiliates or limiting their availability to specific affiliates (this is a great way to recognize top contributors).

Click the Lifetime Commissions tab at the top to enable lifetime commissions for all of your affiliates.

2. Set your Lifetime Referral Rate

To accomplish this, return to the Lifetime Commissions tab in your Affiliate settings and select the Enable Lifetime Referral Rates checkbox.
From there, you can select between a fixed-rate and percentage-based commission as well as set a custom rate.

This will override your global commission, giving affiliates a specific rate for subsequent purchases their customers make.

Another useful option is to set how long you want the lifetime affiliate commission to last.

If you want recurring commission payments to continue forever, leave the Lifetime Length box at 0, but if you only want them to continue for a certain number of days, just enter the number.

3. Lifetime Commissions in the Affiliate Area

Activating this option is entirely up to you, but it may serve as a useful incentive for your affiliates.

By selecting the checkbox for Lifetime Customer Access under the Lifetime Commissions settings tab, you can display lifetime commissions in the affiliate’s area.

And last.

How to configure affiliate settings to determine under which account a new affiliate is registered?

4. Enable “Link Customers To Affiliates On User Registration”

When this is checked, any user registration will link the new user to the affiliate being tracked.
That means, you can determine under which account a new affiliate is registered.

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