Setting up Brevo Mailer in FluentSMTP, inside the toolkit.

Log in to your toolkit, and hover over the “Settings” menu and navigate to the “FluentSMTP Dashboard.

If this is your initial use of FluentSMTP, you’ll encounter a list of available mailers. Choose “Brevo” from the options provided.

Upon selecting Brevo as the mailer, a straightforward settings window will appear, as shown in the screenshot below.

For the ‘From Email‘ field, please input your custom email address.

As for the ‘From Name,’ you have the flexibility to choose any desired name. However, it’s recommended to use a combination of your own name and your company’s name for better identification.

The API key will be provided by Brevo

How to get Brevo API Key:

STEP#1 – Create Your FREE SendinBlue/Brevo Account

STEP#2 – Once your account is verified: Create a Sender, go to Sender and IP

For the sender’s name, you may use your Fullname or Business name
For email make sure to enter your custom email.

STEP#3 – Create an API Key:

Click on the “Generate a New API Key” button to create a new API key, then copy the generated API key.

Return to the Brevo configuration panel within FluentSMTP and paste the copied API key.
Your Brevo setup is now complete and ready to handle transactional emails.

Send a Test Email

Navigate to the Email Test tab and enter the “From Email” address, ensuring it matches the one configured in Brevo.

Upon sending a test email and receiving a success message, your SMTP setup is confirmed operational.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to fix “[permission_denied]: Unable to send email, Your SMTP account is not yet activated”?

This error states that your Brevo account has not been activated yet. To fix the issue, get in touch with the Brevo team. After signing up with Brevo you also need to activate the Brevo account.

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